[torqueusers] unwanted email notifications

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Fri Mar 20 08:16:56 MDT 2009

hi all,

could one of the developers shed some light on the issue, and in
particluar if replacing all
svr_mailowner(pjob, MAIL_DEL, MAIL_FORCE, log_buffer);
svr_mailowner(pjob, MAIL_DEL, MAIL_NORMAL, log_buffer);
in torque will have any unexpected problems? 
if not, i can replace this in the code and build a version that won't
annoy our users that much ;)

many thanks,


> hi all,
> we are running torque 2.3.6 and have configured support for email
> notifications, but implemented a submit filter that the mailpoint is set
> by default to 'n'. (which should mean never i think).
> all this works, but sometimes our users receive email from jobs even if
> the mailpoint is set to n.
> one example (we're not sure if it is really this that happens) is when a
> user tries to delete a running job and the pbs_mom on the node is down.
> they receive the usual 'Server could not connect to MOM' but they also
> get an email teling them.
> anyway, since the mailpoint was set to 'n', we assumed this could never
> happen (and this is starting to become an annoyance for them). 
> i briefly looked at the 2.3.6 code and found some "intersting" mail
> configs that might be related to this.
> in req_deletejob.c::req_deletejob there is the following mailing option:
> on line 463
> svr_mailowner(pjob, MAIL_DEL, MAIL_FORCE, log_buffer);
> i was wondering if this part of req_deletejob is responsible for the
> described behaviour and what is the reasoning for using MAIL_FORCE as
> the force argument for svr_mailowner (as opposed to MAIL_NORMAL), since
> the check in svr_mailowner is 'if (force != MAIL_FORCE)' (with force
> said 3rd argument). 
> stijn
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