[torqueusers] exit status available to epilogue ?

Lawrence Lowe L.S.Lowe at bham.ac.uk
Wed Mar 18 10:19:02 MDT 2009

Hi all, this may have been asked before ...

One of our users has commented that the exit_status of a job is put into a 
job-ending email, if s/he's requested it, but otherwise it's not easily 
available. Except maybe to the manager in the job-end accounting record.

OK, if keep_completed is on, it's available for some number of seconds in 
a qstat -f, I guess. But if it was available to the epilogue, we could 
write it out, along with the resources-used information.

Would this be hard to implement ?

We're on Torque 2.3.5 at the moment.

Thanks, Lawrence Lowe

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