[torqueusers] Jobs submission hosts and multiple Torque/maui clusters

Mike P Moore Mike.Moore at appliedbiosystems.com
Tue Mar 17 04:48:10 MDT 2009


  I have a setup where there are several compute clusters running 
Torque/Maui.  I also have several computers
setup to be login/dev/job submission hosts to one of the clusters.  Is 
there a way to configure the Torque client 
on the submission hosts so they can submit jobs to all of the clusters and 
not just one at a time?  I'm not
looking to submit all jobs to all servers simultaneously, but have the 
ability to submit jobs to one cluster
or another cluster at the time of submission.

Thanks in advance.

- Mike

Michael P. Moore
Senior Network Engineer
Applied Biosystems - High Throughput Discovery Division
P: 508-383-7486
ONNET: 685-7486
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