[torqueusers] How large scale (Number of jobs/nodes) Torque & Maui can support?

Erming Pei erming.pei at ihep.ac.cn
Mon Jun 29 19:15:10 MDT 2009

Hi Experts,


I have one question about Torque&Maui. That is, how large scale (Number of
jobs/nodes) Torque & Maui can support? And according to your experience,
which organization is running the current largest Torque/Maui cluster in the


  We are using Torque&Maui for local scientific computing. With the nodes
and jobs increased sharply and continuously (8000+ CPU cores expected in the
near future), we need to know how large that this free software solution can
support on earth. If it's hard to support large cluster well, we have to
consider to buy commercial products such as LSF. It's too expensive.


 Anyone who can offer information on this?


Thanks in advance,


Erming PEI

Beijing, China


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