[torqueusers] Cputime >> walltime

ChrisJob.fr chrisjob.fr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 03:26:06 MDT 2009


  We have  a PBS queue with this configuration :
  set queue X resources_max.walltime = 72:00:00

For  job 5555 , we have these informations :
  resources_used.walltime = 29:56:51
   resources_used.cput = 99:03:31
  The walltime is inferior to the cputime !

  Here is the PBS script 5555 (a lot of mpirun commands for onlye  one 

#PBS ....
mpirun toto
mpirun tata
mpirun titi

   Have you got any idea of how we can do to avoid this probleme ?

Thank you in advance

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