[torqueusers] Adding a new PBS node without restarting the server

Lawrence Sorrillo sorrillo at jlab.org
Tue Jun 23 12:45:25 MDT 2009


We already have many compute nodes in our cluster and I wanted to add 
one more. I wanted to see if I can do this without restarting the 
as it is very fickle at our site. Can this be done?

Our PBS installation is under /var/spool/torque. Also, we already have a 
standard procedure for installing all the appropriate client pieces on 
the client new machine.
The pbs version is 2.1.10.

To add a new node the the queue:

1. Install the PBS mom on the client.
2. Check the correctness of  /var/spool/torque/mom_priv/config on the 
PBS client node.

On the server:

3. Ensure that the new host resolves properly in DNS.
4 Ensure that the new host is  in /etc/hosts.equiv.
5. Add the node to /var/spool/toque/server_priv/nodes and restart the 
pbs_server OR   qmgr -c 'create node node_name np=8' and not restart?
How do I specify a particular queue using qmgr as we have several which 
this server manages.

6. Start the pbs_mom on the client at this point.
7. Check that pbsnodes -a, reports the new node.

Are these steps correct?


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