[torqueusers] simulating pbs/torque

Paul D Marshall Paul.Marshall at Colorado.EDU
Mon Jun 22 09:59:50 MDT 2009


I was wondering if someone would be able to point me in the right direction.

I'm working with Torque 2.3.6 and I've been adding and removing machines 
from my cluster dynamically (just via the qmgr command and starting or 
killing pbs_mom processes on the workers).

I only have so many machines I can actually work with and so I've begun 
to look into simulating the pbs_mom process. The problem that I 
encountered with this is that there seem to be a variety of reasonably 
complicated messages exchanged between the pbs_mom and server. So before 
I dug myself too deep, I thought I'd check with others.

Does anyone know of another project or person who has simulated torque 
on *some level*?

If not, can anyone provide suggestions as to where might be an 
appropriate point to simulate the dispatching, running, and reporting of 
jobs on pbs workers?


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