[torqueusers] customisation option equivalent to starter_method in SGE

Aleksander Korzynski aleksander.korzynski at clustervision.com
Tue Jun 9 05:29:44 MDT 2009


Could you please let me know if Torque offers a customisation option 
equivalent to starter_method in SGE?

The starter_method in SGE is like a wrapper for the shell that runs the 
job script and for processes spawned on remote nodes. If starter_method 
is specified, the SGE daemon runs the wrapper when the job is to be 
started. The wrapper is then responsible for doing exec() to the actual 
shell or process. The starter_method can retrieve the location of the 
shell or process being wrapped from its environment.

Note that the starter_method is not the same as prologue. The prologue 
is run earlier.

I was thinking about working that around by writing a qsub wrapper that 
modifies the -S parameter. However, that approach has a number of flaws. 
For example, the user can work it around by invoking -S in the 
command-line of qsub, which takes precedence over -S in the job script. 
Secondly, I would have to parse the -S parameter supplied by the user in 
the job script and interpret it myself. Thirdly, that would not work for 
remote processes spawned using the TM interface.

Could you please advise?


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