[torqueusers] frequent 'cannot open/create stdout/stderr file ' Messages

Craig West cwest at astro.umass.edu
Mon Jun 8 11:04:59 MDT 2009


Is /home an NFS mount point? Is it automount?
What sort of jobs are you running? Are they multinode jobs?

I've seen errors with NFS not being able to get all the mounts done in 
time when running automounts.
You may need to tune some of the settings.

Also, have you looked in the system logs (/var/log/syslog is a good 
place to start) to see if there is a message stating why it couldn't 
open the file?


On 06/05/2009 02:32 AM, Wiegers, Bert wrote:
> Hi All,
> we are using torque 2.2.1 and maui for scheduling.
> Frequently we see the following message:
> Jun  5 06:54:45 node657 pbs_mom: No such file or directory (2) in open_std_file, cannot open/create stdout/stderr file '/home/path/name.eXY'
> The paths exist and are writeable.
> I already found similar questions in this board but no answer. Did someone find a clue or hint

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