[torqueusers] Integrate different type nodes into one cluster

Zerony Zhao bw.linux at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 10:10:51 MDT 2009

Dear Torque users,

May I ask the naive question further. I can not figure out the problem.
Could you help me?

For heterogeneous nodes, I will assign those different nodes with different
attributes. I will create several queues. I wish each queue only use the
specified nodes only. Is it possible in the queue config to specify the used
nodes attributes as queue's attributes? I use pbs_schd or maui, I do not
have Maob license. Examples are highly welcome.

Appreciate your help.


> Dear Torque users,
> My cluster with Torque runs very well since it is online. Now I have more
> nodes to add. The tough problem is the new nodes is not same as the old
> ones. It is has more memory and CPUs than the old nodes. The CPUs are both
> of X64, but the old nodes use Intel Quad Core, the new ones use AMD
> Opteron.
> Now my question is:
> 1 Can I integrate the new nodes into the old cluster, even they have
> different type of CPUs and size of Memory?
> 2. If the answer is yes, how can I properly set the resource in Torque
> without Moab and let the cluster running in efficient way?
> Could you tell me the related resource I can read? Thank you in advance.
> ZZ
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