[torqueusers] Queue Routing, Unexpected Behavior

Jason Williams jasonw at jhu.edu
Wed Jun 3 07:25:36 MDT 2009

So I have set up some queue routing to test out an idea to have a 
different max wall clock time for a job depending on how many CPU's it 
requires.  I figured, from reading the online docs, that this could be 
done via queue routing.  I've put my queue config at the bottom of this 
email.  The CPU count seems to be routing the job correctly, but the 
expected behavior of the different resources_max.walltime settings per 
queue routing destination seem to have no effect.  Is what I am trying 
to do actually possible?  One other setting that is set, but not 
included in the listing below for security reasons, is the acl_users 
setting.  I don't see any reason why that would effect it, but I figured 
I would mention it for completeness.   The job I tested requests 8 CPU's 
and 120:00:00 of wall clock.  It winds up in the default_all queue which 
seemingly violates the resources_max.walltime setting.  Is is a possible 
bug or am I not understanding how the routing works 100%...

Jason Williams
Systems Administrator
Physics and Astronomy Department
Johns Hopkins University

--- Queue Routing Setup Follows ---
create queue default
set queue default queue_type = Route
set queue default route_destinations = default_1
set queue default route_destinations += default_4
set queue default route_destinations += default_all
set queue default enabled = True
set queue default started = True
# queue for jobs using 1 cpu
create queue default_1
set queue default_1 queue_type = Execution
set queue default_1 resources_max.ncpus = 1
set queue default_1 resources_max.walltime = 168:00:00 # 7 days
set queue default_1 enabled = True
set queue default_1 started = True
# queue for jobs using more than 1 but less than 5 cpus
create queue default_4
set queue default_4 queue_type = Execution
set queue default_4 resources_min.ncpus = 2
set queue default_4 resources_max.ncpus = 4
set queue default_4 resources_max.walltime = 120:00:00 # 5 days
set queue default_4 enabled = True
set queue default_4 started = True
# queue for jobs using more than 5 cpus
create queue default_all
set queue default_all queue_type = Execution
set queue default_all resources_min.ncpus = 5
set queue default_all resources_max.walltime = 108:00:00 # 4.5 days
set queue default_all enabled = True
set queue default_all started = True

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