[torqueusers] Integrate different type nodes into one cluster

Zerony Zhao bw.linux at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 18:38:06 MDT 2009

Dear Torque users,

My cluster with Torque runs very well since it is online. Now I have more
nodes to add. The tough problem is the new nodes is not same as the old
ones. It is has more memory and CPUs than the old nodes. The CPUs are both
of X64, but the old nodes use Intel Quad Core, the new ones use AMD Opteron.
Now my question is:
1 Can I integrate the new nodes into the old cluster, even they have
different type of CPUs and size of Memory?
2. If the answer is yes, how can I properly set the resource in Torque
without Moab and let the cluster running in efficient way?

Could you tell me the related resource I can read? Thank you in advance.

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