[torqueusers] Node assignment queue for shared memory computing

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Wed Jul 29 19:55:17 MDT 2009

> Hi all:
> I'm currently working on getting hadoop running in scheduler mode with
> torque, and basically need a shared memory node allocation.  By this,
> I mean when the program requests -nodes=4, they mean 4 unique nodes
> with all processors in those nodes allocated, AND ideally the
> generated machine file only containing one entry for each node.
> Unfortunately, I am not able to modify how it requests nodes (such as
> make it use the :np=8 option), so when it requests --nodes=4, it needs
> 4 physically seperate nodes.  I tried a few ways to "outsmart" hadoop,
> but all without success.
> I also see this as required for running hybrid MPI/OpenMP jobs.  When
> I ran such jobs, I want my MPI stack to only start one process per
> physical node, but then have OpenMP run on "lightweight" threads to
> use all the cores on that system.  I can do the -nodes=4:np=8 in this
> case, but the generated machines file that OpenMPI gets tells it it
> has 32 nodes in this case, so it would start 32 executables, 8 on each
> node, when I actually only want 4 executables started.
> Thanks!
> --Jim

Hi Jim,

I can't see how to get around the need to request ppn=8 (or whatever all processors in a node is) but...

Openmpi mpirun has options you can use.

For -l nodes=4:ppn=8 you might run
mpirun -bynode -np=4 ...

Or you could filter the $PBS_NODEFILE to a temporary file and use that in an mpirun arg.

cat $PBS_NODEFILE | sort | uniq > uniq.nodes
mpirun -hostfile uniq.nodes ...

There may even be better options with mpirun



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