[torqueusers] epilogue.precancel documentation and execution questions

Nate Woody nate.a.woody at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 10:35:41 MDT 2009


Is it just me or is the epilogue.precancel documentation
just wrong?  It states that the epilogue.precancel script should be
500, but if I do that I get a permissions error in the mom log.
Garrick answered a previous question saying it had to be 755 and that
seemed to worked for me.  The docs also appear to say that the script
is run as root, but it looks to me like it's executed by the owner of
the job (user privs), which makes sense with the 755 permissions, I
suppose.  The docs also seem to say that script stdout is hooked up to
the job stdout, but that doesn't seem to be true either, I haven't
actually found where stdout from epilogue.precancel is going, but it's
not the job stdout.  Lastly, it appears that this script is getting
executed as the regular epilogue script as well as the precancel
script (in addition to the regular epilogue script), so that it get's
executed once for ALL jobs and twice for canceled jobs.

Is anyone using the precancel out there that is seeing this double
execution?  I piped stdout to a file and staged it back out, but has
anybody gotten this into the job stdout?


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