[torqueusers] attempting connect to host

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Fri Jul 17 04:07:13 MDT 2009

hi all,

had a systemcrash this week, and we still ahve a non-stable torque/maui

i'm in process of resolving the final issue (i think) that leads to
delays in eg qstat and that seems to lock up maui.

the problem is linked with following message in the server log file

svr_connect;attempting connect to host 177471491 port 

using strace, i found out that this host is an ip that is not a node at
all, and that is halting torque waiting for timeout i guess.

my question is the following: 
based on what information could torque think that it needs to contact
this machine.
i already grepped the spool directory, found nothing related to this ip.

ideas are more then welcome!

thanks a lot,


The system will shutdown in 5 minutes.

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