[torqueusers] Limiting number of running jobs user selectable

Dmitri Chubarov dmitri.chubarov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 08:11:09 MDT 2009


I just had a user who had to queue all the jobs she could submit
before taking a leave. Being a considerate user she asked to limit the
number of jobs running at a time. What we did was to set up a
dedicated queue for her with a limit on the number of running jobs.

create queue irina
set queue irina queue_type = Execution
set queue irina max_running = 10
set queue irina resources_default.nodes = 1
set queue irina enabled = True
set queue irina started = True

I believe that could answer the problem that Brock put above:

> For example user wants to submit 100 jobs, but never have more than 20
> running at a time (politics)  but has the need some times to go to all
> the available nodes.

Best regards,

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