[torqueusers] Limiting number of running jobs user selectable

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Mon Jul 13 17:16:45 MDT 2009

> Is there an easy way to limit the number of running job for a user,
> where the user can choose?
> For example user wants to submit 100 jobs, but never have more than 20
> running at a time (politics)  but has the need some times to go to all
> the available nodes.
> I was looking at the depend flags, and while you could make the normal
> graph using after or before, is there a way to say  "job only if
> running less than count" ?
> Brock Palen

Hi Brock,

I have a script for 'topping up' the number of queued/running jobs.  I'll send it off-list.  

I'd be happy for it to go in the contrib section of the torque distribution. Who would I talk to about that?

-- Gareth

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