[torqueusers] Does "qsub -p" set the job priority?

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Sun Jul 12 01:16:03 MDT 2009

> From: Gus Correa [mailto:gus at ldeo.columbia.edu]
> Can anybody clarify if "qsub -p" is effective?
> I.e., does it set the job priority when one is using Torque AND Maui?
> In this case, how the Torque "qsub -p" priority range of -1024 to +1023
> translates into a Maui job priority number?
> Or is the user supposed to change the job priority with "setspri",
> after the job is queued with "qsub"?

Hi Gus,

My understanding is that at least with moab it does work - but only for negative values. So you can lower your own priority but not raise it.  Makes a certain perverse sense.  You would need to couple this with maiu/moab settings to activate it and set a weighting.  Found the doco.  SERV USERPRIO
http://www.clusterresources.com/products/mwm/docs/5.1.2priorityfactors.shtml#userprio but it looks like moab only - might work but be undocumented in maui.  I/we decided it wasn't useful enough to turn on... but still see a need for users to be able to set priority at least within their own jobs.

I would appreciate any pointers if you make progress.



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