[torqueusers] Job dependency problem

Troy Baer tbaer at utk.edu
Thu Jul 9 15:52:54 MDT 2009

Hello all,

A summer intern and I have been working on a tool to automate generating
graph-based job dependency chains (a la condor_submit_dag), and we've
run into an interesting problem where setting a dependency sometimes
doesn't seem to have any effect:
$ qstat -r

                                                                         Req'd  Req'd   Elap
Job ID               Username Queue    Jobname          SessID NDS   TSK Memory Time  S Time
-------------------- -------- -------- ---------------- ------ ----- --- ------ ----- - -----
2879.verne.nics.     troy     analysis postproc_hr6      13058     1  --    --  01:00 R   -- 
2880.verne.nics.     troy     hpss     archive           14980   --   --    --  01:00 R   -- 

$ qstat -f 2879 2880
Job Id: 2879.verne.nics.utk.edu
    depend = afterok:2874.verne.nics.utk.edu at verne.nics.utk.edu,
        beforeok:2880.verne.nics.utk.edu at verne.nics.utk.edu
    submit_args = -N postproc_hr6 -W depend=afterok:2874.verne.nics.utk.edu -v
         day=20090531,hr=0600 postproc.pbs

Job Id: 2880.verne.nics.utk.edu
    depend = afterok:2875.verne.nics.utk.edu at verne.nics.utk.edu:2876.verne.nic
        s.utk.edu at verne.nics.utk.edu:2877.verne.nics.utk.edu at verne.nics.utk.ed
        u:2878.verne.nics.utk.edu at verne.nics.utk.edu
    submit_args = -N archive -W depend=afterok:2875.verne.nics.utk.edu:2876.ve
        verne.nics.utk.edu -v day=20090531 archive.pbs

Jobid 2880 was submitted with an afterok dependency on 2879 (among other
things), but that has somehow been translated into 2879 having a
beforeok dependency on 2880 that wasn't in the original submission and
doesn't seem to have any effect.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Troy Baer, HPC System Administrator
National Institute for Computational Sciences, University of Tennessee
Phone:  865-241-4233

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