[torqueusers] TORQUE 2.3.7 Released

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Wed Jul 8 13:26:33 MDT 2009


TORQUE 2.3.7 has been released. You can download it at:


This build has a number of bug fixes and enhancements. Here is a list of changes 
from the CHANGELOG:

c - crash     b - bug fix    e - enhancement    f - new feature

   e - pbs_mom sisters can now tolerate an explicit group ID instead of only a
       valid group name. This helps TORQUE be more robust to group lookup
   b - fixed a bug where UNIX domain socket communication was failing when
       "--disable-privports" was used.
   e - add job exit status as 10th argument to the epilogue script
   c - check filename for NULL to prevent crash
   e - merged in more logging and NOSIGCHLDMOM capability from Yahoo branch
   e - merged in new log_ext() function to allow more fine grained syslog events,
       you can now specify severity level. Also added more logging statements
   e - added code to allow compilers to override CLONE_BATCH_SIZE at configure
       time (allows for finer grained control on how arrays are created)
   e - added code which prefixes the severity tag on all log_ext() and log_err()
   e - added qmgr option accounting_keep_days, specifies how long to keep
       accounting files.
   e - changed mom config varattr so invoked script returns the varattr name
       and value(s)
   e - improved the performance of pbs_server when submitting large numbers of
       jobs with dependencies defined
   e - added new parameter "log_keep_days" to both pbs_server and pbs_mom.
       specifies how long to keep log files before they are automatically removed
   e - added qmgr server attribute lock_file, specifies where server lock file
       is located
   e - modified to allow retention of completed jobs across server shutdown
   e - added job_must_report qmgr configuration which says the job must be
       reported to scheduler. Added job attribute "reported". Added PURGECOMP
       functionality which allows scheduler to confirm jobs are reported. Also
       added -c option to qdel. Used to clean up unreported jobs.
   b - fix so interactive jobs run when using $job_output_file_umask userdefault
   b - changes to improve the qstat -x XML output and documentation
   b - fix truncated output in qmgr (peter h IPSec+jan n NANCO)
   b - fix so find_resc_entry still works after setting server extra_resc
   b - change so set_jobexid() gets called if JOB_ATR_egroup is not set
   b - fixed memory issue (underallocated array for a string)

Thanks for everyone who contributed to this release!


Josh Butikofer
Cluster Resources, Inc.

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