[torqueusers] Problem setting up headnode to be compute node.

Ben Turner ben at dayborogeo.com
Mon Jul 6 18:27:21 MDT 2009


Wondering if anybody can help.

I am trying to set up torque to run on a single machine with four cores. 
I just want to be able to queue jobs up overnight on this

I have installed torque and configured pbs_mom and pbs_sched listing 
only the head node in the "nodes" file and specifying np=4.
I run pbs_server and then pbsnodes -a reports that the node is "down".

When I look in the logs the server log says that that it can ping 
"itself" ok but fails to make a connection and sets the state as down.
The mom_log shows that mom is trying to say hello but the connection to 
the server times out.

I am sure this is a simple problem that many people have faced, does 
anybody have any ideas?

Also when I run pbs_sched I get an error message "pbs_sched: Cannot 
assign requested address (99) in main, bind"


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