[torqueusers] doubt regarding torque..

praveenkumar reddy praveen2112 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 12:29:19 MST 2009

I am a student. I have installed torque on my system (server) and connected
two host computers to my server. I am trying to execute the sample job 'echo
"sleep 30"|qsub" . but am not able to do so. I have the server configured
as given in the documentation  but still its not working for me. it says
that the connection to host has been refused and it also says that it cannot
copy files.

whenever i try to do pbsnodes -s <servername>
it says:

Cannot connect to specified server host <servername>.
pbsnodes: cannot connect to server <servername>, error=111 (Connection
refused) .

the error says:"post job processing error"

Unable to copy file /var/spool/torque/spool/69.<servername>.OU to <username>

>>> error from copy

Host key verification failed.

lost connection

>>> end error output

Output retained on that host in:

what should i do to set the network working. I would highly appreciate if
you can sort this out. I have pbs_sched as my scheduler and I am working on
Red Hat Linux Platform
NOTE: <servername> is the server on which pbs_server is run.

 Thank you,
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