[torqueusers] ANNOUNCE: New version of openpbs/torque python interface (3.0.0)

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Fri Jan 23 05:56:00 MST 2009

=========== 3.0.0
    - PBSQuery
           * Cleaned up some old lines of code which didn't do anything.

           * Changed the returnvalue of getqueue, getnode and getjob. Now
             they return an instance of the object, instead of a dict.
             This is API change so we bumped the version to 3.0.0
           * Now the getnode-function accepts the short name as well as
             the long name as an argument.

    Author: Sil Westerveld <Sil.Westerveld at sara.nl>

    - pbs.py, _pbs.so, PBSQuery.py
           * Fixed a memory leak when used in daemon mode
    Author: Bas van der Vlies <basv at sara.nl>

the latest stable pbs_python interface is available from:

Information, documentation and reporting bugs for the package:

===== Brief description =========================================

Pbs_python interface is a wrapper class for the OPENPBS/TORQUE C LIB
API. Now you can write utilities/extensions in Python instead of C.

--- Testing the package:

The test programs are include as a reference how to use the pbs
python module. You have to edit some test programs to reflect
your PBS/Torque installation.

pbsmon.py        - ascii xpbsmon
rack_pbsmon.py   - ascii xpbsmon by rack layout
pbsnodes-a.py    - pbsnodes -a
pbs_version.py   - print server version
set_property.py  - set some node properties
resmom_info.py   - queries the pbs_mom daemon on the nodes
logpbs.py        - Shows the usage of the PBS logging routines
new_interface.py - Example how to use PBSQuery module
PBSQuery.py      - python <install_path>/PBSQuery.py (has builtin demo)

For more info about SARA see:

*  Bas van der Vlies                    e-mail: basv at sara.nl       *
*  SARA - Academic Computing Services   Amsterdam, The Netherlands *

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