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>> 2009/1/14 onceihave <onceihave at 163.com>:
>> > Hi, all:
>> >
>> > Glad to find out 2.4.0b1 can be downloaded now. Will anyone answer
>> what's
>> > updated
>> why not download it and take a look at the change log?
Thanks a lot for all the response! I did download and find out we have four new 
features, a few improvement and efix. Just want to understand whether there will
be any other new feature added in following weeks.
Steven wang

>> >and when it will be released?
>> I'm not sure the answer to this,  but I hope we wait until 2.4.0b1
>> has
>> had more testing.  2.2 and 2.3 were both released with some issues.
>Glen is right. TORQUE 2.4 still needs more development, polish, and testing before we will feel good about releasing it.
>We don't have an exact ETA for this right now, but I know over the next few weeks we are expanding our full-time TORQUE development team and will have a better feel after that happens.
>--Josh Butikofer
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