[torqueusers] PBS job issue

Abhishek Gupta abhig at Princeton.EDU
Fri Jan 16 09:13:03 MST 2009

Hi all,
I am facing a problem with job submission in which my first job gets 
stuck for ever( showing R state ) and if I run the same job keeping the 
first job, second job runs without any problem. I found that when I ask 
for more than 1 node, then only this problem arises. Even if I say 
nodes=1:ppn=2, it runs without any problem, but nodes=2 do not work for 
the first time. There is one thing that I found, even some other job( 
which require more than one node is stuck started by some other user), 
my job with requirement more than one node run smoothly while the job of 
that other user stays in that state forever.
Could someone tell what could be the issue? Is there any parameter that 
need to be set?

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