[torqueusers] OS X Leopard, torque, authentication problem

Tapio Simula tapio.simula at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 20:14:36 MST 2009

> Interesting. How are user accounts managed? Is it possible that the MOM
> node is using Open Directory or some other federated naming server, even
> something like NIS? The user 504 error is the user id (UID). I can't think
> of a case where OS X would dynamically create UIDs when you login. I assume
> the UID is the same every time (504?). Perhaps you need to make sure that
> your UID on the main system is the same as it is on the remote system.

I tried earlier creating a test account making sure the UID was the same on
both nodes but it did not help. My (maybe wrong) understanding is that the
(local Open Directory) authentication information should be read with the
help of the DirectoryService daemon from the local .plist files located at
but when torque makes the connection to a remote mom this is somehow not
working (if the user who started the pbs_mom has logged out, that is). The
user accounts are just created locally on each machine. I might next try
setting up a Leopard Server and a networked file system on the master node.
This would not solve the underlying problem but might get the queue working
allowing me to resume to my actual work.

> I imagine that there is something more realistic for "username" and
> "serverhost" but I just thought I'd ask.

Yes there is. We have been under a brute force ssh attack for over a month
now so I just thought that we would not need further marketing of our users
and hostnames. Sorry if this seemed confusing.
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