[torqueusers] A PBS script question

Jerry Smith jdsmit at sandia.gov
Tue Jan 6 10:37:39 MST 2009


for just named nodes:

-l nodes=foo1:ppn=2+foo2:ppn=2

for named nodes  plus 3 more of any nodes

-l nodes=foo1:ppn=2+foo2:ppn=2+3:ppn=2


Zerony Zhao wrote:
> Hi there,
> May I ask a naive PBS script question here? Sorry for this.
> How can I specify named nodes in pbs scripts? I know pbs -l
> nodes=nodes9:ppn=2 requesting a named node node9 with 2 CPUs, but I do
> not know how to request two or more named nodes in the pbs script?
> Could give me a quick example, thank in advance.
> ZZ
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