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Thanks for your information.
Then if one server of 2.0 GHz in my cluster is regarded as reference system, all Torque nodes of 3.0 GHz should set cputmult and wallmult to 1.5?
Steven Wang

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A reference system is just a system in your cluster that you take as the standard (whose cput/wallt is taken as 1.0) and used to define the clock speeds of other moms based on. 


On Dec 30, 2008, at 3:37 AM, onceihave wrote:

Hi all:
I carefully read the document, but still confused about when and how to set such factors as cputmult.
                     which  sets a factor used to adjust cpu time used by a job.  This is provided to allow adjust
                     ment of time charged and limits enforced where the job might run on systems with different cpu
                     performance   If  Mom's system is faster than the reference system, set cputmult to a decimal
                     value greater than 1.0.   If Mom's system is slower, set cputmult to a value between  1.0  and
                     0.0.  For example:
                     $cputmult 1.5
                     $cputmult 0.75

Not sure what's "reference system" here. Is it NTP server, Torque Master Node or something else?
Will anyone explain what will exactly happen if I set cputmult to one value such as 0.8?
Many Thanks!
Steven Wang

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