[torqueusers] In search of a long forgotten feature...

Miller, Timothy E. millerte at wfu.edu
Mon Feb 23 15:34:02 MST 2009

Greetings all,

I'm looking for a simple feature which I've long since forgotten and 
the documentation for which has been misplaced/lost.  Unfortunately, 
no amount of key words while Googling for it produced anything of merit.

Hopefully, I'm not just remembering something completely wrong and 
embarrassing myself here :)

I seem to recall that there was a way in PBS that, when a job was 
submitted to a particular queue (say i386), PBS would automatically 
add an attribute to that job as specified in the queue's configuration 
(say '32bit').  One could then add a node attribute '32bit' to all 
your 32bit nodes and 'viola!' ensure 32bit jobs ran on 32bit labeled 

Does anyone out there remember how to do that?  Could one ever do 
that?  What key words am I having "Googling block" on that is preventing

me from finding it?

Thanks for the help in advance.

P.S.  Yes, I know that this could be done in other ways but I'm looking 
for something that is exclusively handled within PBS and is transparent
to the user.  I am sure that I have done this before with OS upgrades 
for test clusters (RH7.3 to RHEL3... yes, that long ago).

Timothy E. Miller, PhD, RHCE/RHCDS             voice:   (336)758-3257
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