[torqueusers] How to enforce pmem requirements

Roger Moye moye at rice.edu
Wed Feb 18 08:58:10 MST 2009

We have Torque/Moab running on one cluster and Torque/Maui on another.  
We encourage our users to use the pmem option to specify their memory 
requirements in their PBS batch scripts.  Is there a way to get the 
scheduler to enforce these limits?  That is, if a job attempts to exceed 
the pmem value we want the scheduler to kill the job just like it would 
if it exceeded its walltime.  Currently we have a few users who have 
their jobs exceed their pmem value and the result is trashed nodes 
because the jobs have consumed too much memory.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

Roger Moye
Linux Cluster Administrator
Rice University
Dept. of Academic and Research Computing
Research Computing Support Group
(713) 348-5756
moye at rice.edu

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