[torqueusers] PBS_NODEFILE order question

Jackie Scoggins JScoggins at lbl.gov
Tue Feb 17 18:52:53 MST 2009

The problem with using the uniq and sort is that the MPI commands were  
not being executed on all the nodes as it would if I were using all of  
the processors per node.  If I selected nodes=2:ppn=4 and ordered my  
pbsnodes file to be out of order and used the second node although the  
job should run on both I kept getting orted errors.


On Feb 17, 2009, at 5:46 PM, Joshua Bernstein wrote:

> Jackie Scoggins wrote:
>> torque - version 2.1.8
>> maui version 3.2.6p19
>> Is there a way to make the PBS_NODEFILE order the nodes as follows:
>> n0000
>> n0001
>> n0000
>> n0001
>> n0000
>> n0001
> As Garrick already mentioned, TORQUE can't do this. I don't think  
> OMPI can handle this either. Generally though the application has  
> some control over how processes are started up. So you may want to  
> look into the application to see if there is a way to control which  
> processes startup where.
> Otherwise, you might consider piping the PBS_O_NODEFILE through uniq  
> and calling mpiexec with that file. I know its not quite what you're  
> looking for though.
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