[torqueusers] email setup question

Jackie Scoggins jscoggins at lbl.gov
Fri Feb 13 11:55:21 MST 2009

I am seeing jobs set with -#PBS -M email-address and #PBS -m abe but I  
am not seeing the email come to the email-address specified in the  

I am currently running torque and moab version 5.3.0.  I have  
the server setup as follows:

set server mail_from = adm
set server mail_domain = mydomain-name

But mail is not being sent correctly:

pbs_server logs shows the following:

PBS_Server;Job;6592 ;sending 'b' mail for job 6592 to  
scoggins at login-00  (---)

Where login-00 is the host I submited the job from.  It appears that  
the return address is always from the node I submit from.  But the  
mail never arrives to my inbox.  Is there something else I am missing.

I would like to have all email from the nodes go thru one system  
sched-00 and let it relay all messages to the open domain.

Please assist if you can.



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