[torqueusers] "qrerun: Unauthorized Request"

Oded Ben-Ozer oded.ben-ozer at opal-systems.co.il
Thu Feb 5 04:06:48 MST 2009

I'm trying to write a job script that moves and re-runs jobs from a
wall-time limited queue to another queue when they near their wall-time
limit(i'm using "at" at the start of the script to schedule the "is the job
still running" test).
when using the  qrerun command as a none-root user and i get "Unauthorized
Request"  (tested on both execution hosts and the torque server).
were do I configure who is authorize to use qrerun (qsub,qhold and qalter
all work with none root users) ?

I'm using Torque 2.3.3

BTW I whould be very glad to hear  if torque already have a server side
feature that allows requeing jobs nearing their wall-time limit.

Oded Ben Ozer
+972 544 825290
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