[torqueusers] Fedora 12 openmpi and torque

Erik Zeek eczeek at sandia.gov
Fri Dec 18 09:27:17 MST 2009

On Friday 18 December 2009 7:54:11 am Tony Schreiner wrote:
> This might be a question for a Fedora forum but, the Fedora 12 package
> of openmpi appears not to be built against torque, earlier ones were.
> rpm -q --requires openmpi-libs
> still shows a requirement for libtorque.so.0
> but ompi_info does not list any MCA compoent for tm; and actually
> using the openmpi mpiexec doesn't seem to recognize any node
> allocations from torque.
> Am I correct in this, and is there a known reason? I haven't found any
> mention of this in some cursory web searching.
> Tony Schreiner
> Boston College

I just noticed this myself yesterday.  I've looked in the spec file change log 
and there is no mention of removing the dependency on libtourque.  I'm 
currently building my own rpm due to a bug in openmpi>1.3.1 build with 

It might be better to file a bug with Fedora's Bugzilla.


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