[torqueusers] Fedora 12 openmpi and torque

Tony Schreiner schreian at bc.edu
Fri Dec 18 07:54:11 MST 2009

This might be a question for a Fedora forum but, the Fedora 12 package  
of openmpi appears not to be built against torque, earlier ones were.

rpm -q --requires openmpi-libs
still shows a requirement for libtorque.so.0

but ompi_info does not list any MCA compoent for tm; and actually  
using the openmpi mpiexec doesn't seem to recognize any node  
allocations from torque.

Am I correct in this, and is there a known reason? I haven't found any  
mention of this in some cursory web searching.

Tony Schreiner
Boston College

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