[torqueusers] pbsmom and per job epilogue scripts

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Thu Dec 17 08:31:17 MST 2009

hi all,

i'm looking at per job user epi/prologue scripts (the ones a user can
specify when submitting a job with -l epilogue=/some/file)

the manual says that the following abou the permissions of the scripts.
"The files must be owned by the user with at least execute and write
privileges, and the permissions must not be writeable by group or
section g.2)

but when i submit jobs that are eg in my homedirectory (which has 0700
permission), pbs_mom fails to run them with message:
LOG_ERROR::run_pelog, prolog/epilog failed,
file: /home/someuser/epilogue, exit: 13, cannot stat

now this is because the directories are mounted with NFS with root
squash (so root can't stat them). but they are owned and accessible by
the user. so now i have 3 choices:
a. change teh permissions on my homedir (eg +x)
b. don't use root squash
c. hope someone can fix this in the pelog.c code

i'd very much appreciate it that someone could look at the c option ;)
(or has some better advice)

thanks a lot


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