[torqueusers] Spool Directory build directive?

Jim Kusznir jkusznir at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 15:28:28 MST 2009


Another question that came up in the middle of this attempt to build
stuff:  How do I direct the spool directory's location?  I'd like to
have /opt/torque/, and have everythign torque inside that, but try as
I might, I can't break torque's habbit of putting /var/spool/torque in

I've seen it done (on the torque roll for Rocks), but I can't figure
out how.  I noticed that maui had a config directive
--with-spool=/dir/to/spool, but the configure help for torque doesn't
seem to make any such notice.  In fact, I gather from reading the
configure help that torque should be putting the spool dir stuff under
the --prefix, but it isn't (I have a bunch of binaries and libraries
under /opt/torque).


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