[torqueusers] STDIN and STDERR files

Craig West cwest at astro.umass.edu
Tue Dec 8 13:59:27 MST 2009

The script to monitor a job's output and error files already exists.
It is called "qpeek" and ships in the contrib directory of the torque 

> It's not hard to write a little shell script to let
> users monitor the output or error files..
Of course this requires that users can actually login to the nodes via 
rsh/ssh (some places don't allow this).

qpeek:  Peek into a job's output spool files

 Usage:  qpeek [options] JOBID

   -c      Show all of the output file ("cat", default)
   -h      Show only the beginning of the output file ("head")
   -t      Show only the end of the output file ("tail")
   -f      Show only the end of the file and keep listening ("tail -f")
   -#      Show only # lines of output
   -e      Show the stderr file of the job
   -o      Show the stdout file of the job (default)
   -help   Display this help message

Note: The script will likely require some modifications to make it work 
at your site.

At the very least you will need to change the "$host" variable.
I also alter mine to use "ssh" instead of "rsh".


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