[torqueusers] A more specific noob question regarding running non-MPI jobs within Torque/Maui

Douglas Wade Needham dneedham at cmu.edu
Tue Dec 8 13:51:38 MST 2009

Thanks Craig,

Hmmm... Interesting... I must be looking at the wrong set of docs.  In
looking at the following URLS


Step 3 in section 1.1.3 of the former, in the info specifically states

        The only required package for the compute nodes is mom-linux.
        Additional packages are recommended so you can use client
        commands and submit jobs from compute nodes.
While in the tail end of L.3, it states

        Optionally, distribute and install the clients package.

Either that, or some doc updates were missed (done that one too many
times myself).

- Doug

On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 15:35 -0500, Craig West wrote:
> Doug,
> The documentation for Torque says that "torque-package-mom" and
> "torque-package-clients" should both be installed on the compute nodes.
> pbsdsh is part of the clients package.
> It should be present, unless the "clients" package wasn't installed.
> The clients package also includes "pbs_iff" which is used for 
> authentication.

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