[torqueusers] Slow response of torque when jobs are running

Martin MOKREJŠ mmokrejs at ribosome.natur.cuni.cz
Tue Dec 8 05:13:13 MST 2009

The is a configure switch to disable IP to hostname resolution in
in tcsh. I that it is saved in LOGHOST or some env variable like that.
That is maybe not resolved on the nodes and from interactive logins.

Luc Vereecken wrote:
> I checked name resolution and other network related things I could 
> think of, but all network related stuff seems to work.
> E.g. "getent hosts `cat server_name` " resolves instantaneously on 
> server and nodes, as do all the hosts listed in the nodes file. All 
> cluster nodes are in the /etc/hosts file, identical on all machines, 
> kept up to date with cfengine.
> Luc
> At 04:56 08/12/2009, Josh Bernstein wrote:
>> I've gotta believe this is a name resolution issue.
>> Can you check to make sure the hostnames in TORQUEs server_name file
>> contain a hostname the resolves quickly with getent?

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