[torqueusers] STDIN and STDERR files

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Mon Dec 7 17:29:21 MST 2009

----- twurgl at goodyear.com wrote:

> Is there some option to have the files written in
> the initial dir while the job is running?

No, I don't think you can do that at present. The
manual page for qsub says:

 -k keep Defines which (if either) of standard output
         or standard error will be retained on the
         execution host.  If set for a stream, this
         option overrides the path name for that stream. 

So you can have it spooled directly to $HOME or copied
back at the end of the job to $PBS_O_WORKDIR, but not
spooled directly to $PBS_O_WORKDIR.  

Interestingly that overriding part is not mentioned in
the POSIX spec for qsub here:


It's not hard to write a little shell script to let
users monitor the output or error files..

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