[torqueusers] A more specific noob question regarding running non-MPI jobs within Torque/Maui

Douglas Needham dneedham at cmu.edu
Fri Dec 4 13:55:20 MST 2009

Greetings all,

Another noob-ish question from someone brand new to Torque and Maui...

Am I correct that in the case of a job which does not use MPI, the
submission script is responsible for starting the processes beyond the
first process?  For example, if I had a program called
"search_neighbors" which connected to a control server to get job
control data, and proceeded to process data (say residing on a PVFS2
file server) given that info, and I wanted to run copies on N nodes,
would I have to either submit N copies of the job, or have the
submission script use the node list to start up those other jobs?


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