[torqueusers] Torque job number increment?

Amitoj G. Singh amitoj at cs.uh.edu
Thu Apr 30 15:43:12 MDT 2009

I am using Torque 2.3.3 with Maui 3.2.6. I recently noticed that Torque is 
not incrementing the job numbers by 1. I noticed this while parsing 
through the accounting logs. I found that 80% of the time the job numbers 
do increment by 1 but then the other increment is not consistent at all. 
Sometimes the increment is in hundreds or thousands and at other times, 
only a single digit.

I noticed that there is a "next_job_number" attribute in the 
pbs_server_attributes which I never modify.

Can someone shed light on this if possible?


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