[torqueusers] connect to specific nodes within a cluster

jgarcia at ija.csic.es jgarcia at ija.csic.es
Tue Apr 28 08:55:04 MDT 2009

Thanks for your answer, Jerry. It seems the problem is related to your
comment "Are these nodes allocated to a job of yours?"

In effect, I've realized that if I've got a job allocated to a node, I can
simply access to it through

>ssh nodename

Thus, more specifically, the problem would be to access to a node without
allocated active jobs of my own. The problem is that if a job is
interrupted with qdel, I've realized that some remaining related processes
may stay working in the slave nodes. Thus it would useful to me as a user
to also access these nodes to manually kill these active processes.

Actually my ``remaining'' processes have just finished, but this would
still be useful for a near future.


>> Hello all,
>> (I'm new to cluster usage)
>> If I log into a torque cluster, e.g.:
>>> ssh -Y myusername at cluster.domain.org
>> and this cluster has nodes with the names:
>> cluster01.domain.org
>> cluster02.domain.org
>> ...
>> clusternn.domain.org
>> How could I, after I have logged in the cluster, to connect to a
>> specific
>> node to see the active processes in it? I would like to monitor specific
>> processes (and probably kill them) within specific nodes. I've tried
>> several options:
>> [myusername at master00 ~]ssh -Y cluster01
>> [myusername at master00 ~]ssh -Y myusername at cluster01
>> [myusername at master00 ~]ssh -Y myusername at cluster01.domain.org
>> without success. In all of them my password is required and my login
>> password is not accepted.
> It all depends on how the security and access is setup for that specific
> cluster.  What is the access model, ssh,rsh etc,  Is it pam based, or
> /etc/security/access.conf?  Do they use ssh-keys?  Are these nodes
> allocated to a job of yours?
> --Jerry

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