[torqueusers] connect to specific nodes within a cluster

Jerry Smith jdsmit at sandia.gov
Tue Apr 28 08:29:36 MDT 2009

> Hello all,
> (I'm new to cluster usage)
> If I log into a torque cluster, e.g.:
>> ssh -Y myusername at cluster.domain.org
> and this cluster has nodes with the names:
> cluster01.domain.org
> cluster02.domain.org
> ...
> clusternn.domain.org
> How could I, after I have logged in the cluster, to connect to a specific
> node to see the active processes in it? I would like to monitor specific
> processes (and probably kill them) within specific nodes. I've tried
> several options:
> [myusername at master00 ~]ssh -Y cluster01
> [myusername at master00 ~]ssh -Y myusername at cluster01
> [myusername at master00 ~]ssh -Y myusername at cluster01.domain.org
> without success. In all of them my password is required and my login
> password is not accepted.
It all depends on how the security and access is setup for that specific 
cluster.  What is the access model, ssh,rsh etc,  Is it pam based, or 
/etc/security/access.conf?  Do they use ssh-keys?  Are these nodes 
allocated to a job of yours?

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