[torqueusers] [Mauiusers] Jobs going into incorrect queue

Greenseid, Joseph M (IS) Joseph.Greenseid at ngc.com
Tue Apr 21 10:44:35 MDT 2009

have you tried to set the default queue (set server default_queue = unspec) in qmgr?  this is how i route jobs that don't specify resources to a default location...


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Subject: [Mauiusers] Jobs going into incorrect queue

Hi Guys

I have a problem that jobs appear to be not routing to the correct 
queue. My set up is as follows:

routing queue
2h queue
12h queue
1w queue
unspecified time queue (max time 2w)
guest queue (low priority)

If a time is unspecified at job submission a default time of 2w (336h) is set

The routing queue is setup as follows (as taken from qmgr -c 'print server')

create queue route
set queue route queue_type = Route
set queue route route_destinations = short_2h
set queue route route_destinations += med_12h
set queue route route_destinations += long_1w
set queue route route_destinations += unspec
set queue route route_destinations += guest
set queue route enabled = True
set queue route started = True

my problem is that some jobs with unspecified time (which have 
correctly been given a time of 336h) are ending up in the short_2h 
queue, which has a higher priority than other queues. Does anyone know 
of any possible explanation for this?

Phil Peartree
University of Manchester

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