[torqueusers] maui + torque job start rate

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Wed Apr 1 02:15:15 MDT 2009

hi all,

(this is a crosspost to both maui and torque users list)

we are having issues with the job start rate using maui+torque. starting
a job takes on average 2 seconds, which is slow for what our users are
dumping in our queues.

with a job start i mean the following cycle
04/01 10:01:08 MRMJobStart(374900,Msg,SC)
04/01 10:01:08 MPBSJobStart(374900,gengar,Msg,SC)
04/01 10:01:08
04/01 10:01:10 MPBSJobModify(374900,Resource_List,Resource,1)
04/01 10:01:10 INFO:     job '374900' successfully started
04/01 10:01:10 INFO:     command sent to server
04/01 10:01:10 INFO:     response received from server

i've already tried to follow the "large cluster" tuning tips to see if
it helps, but no real result. (the only tip that might solve the
problemn is the asyncstart option from moab ;). (we have a 200 node, 8
core/node cluster (i actually don't think this is "large"))

anyway, before i dig in the code looking for options, i'm wondering what
other people are seeing as minimal start time, so i know if it is
possible at all.

many thanks,

The system will shutdown in 5 minutes.

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