[torqueusers] Default permissions of standard-out/error files

Bart Brashers bbrashers at Environcorp.com
Wed Sep 24 15:06:37 MDT 2008

I have a qsub wrapper script for my Rocks 5.0.3 with Torque/Maui system.
Thus all local users use the "-j oe" switch to qsub, resulting in merged
standard-out/standard-error files named *.oNNNN (where NNNN is the job

I also have set an alias for cwdcmd in /etc/csh.cshrc, which sets the
umask based on the current path.  So shared project paths (e.g.
/home/projects/) get a umask = 000, while user's home directories (e.g.
/home/bart/) get umask = 0222.  This is very handy for working together,
because a user can over-write or delete other user's files in the shared
directory.  Works for csh and tcsh, but I don't know if there's a
similar feature in bash.

The problem is, Torque doesn't respect these umasks.  It always creates
the .oNNNN file with perms = 600.  Pesky things are hard to get rid of,
or even read to see if my co-worker's runs finished correctly.

As a workaround, in my qsub wrapper script I simply touch the *.oNNNN
file (pre-create it) right after calling the real qsub, and it gets the
right permissions.  This used to work with Rocks 4.1.  But with Rocks
5.0.3, it no longer works.  It has the right perms during execution
(while it's empty) but after the job finishes it gets re-set to 600.

So I read
hoping I could make an epilogue script to fix this.  However, I gather
from that doc that NONE of the epilogue scripts are run on the frontend,
after the *.oNNNN file has been created.  Am I wrong?

Does anyone have a suggestion for solving this?  

Bart Brashers

# /opt/torque/bin/qstat --version
version: 2.3.0

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