[torqueusers] getsize() failed for file in mom_set_limits

Arnau Bria arnaubria at pic.es
Tue Sep 23 09:08:40 MDT 2008

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008 10:46:48 -0400
Steve Young wrote:

Hi Steve,

> I have used this set up in order for users to request machines with  
> enough scratch disk space for their jobs:
> On the node in mom_priv/config:
> size[fs=/scratch]
> Which correlates to the /scratch partition on the machine.
Ok, same for me till here but using home dir.
> Then when I do a checknode on the server I see:
> checking node node0001
> State:   Running  (in current state for 00:00:00)
> Configured Resources: PROCS: 32  MEM: 30G  SWAP: 18G  DISK: 1649G
> Utilized   Resources: DISK: 154G
> Dedicated  Resources: PROCS: 30  MEM: 30G

checking node td033.pic.es

State:   Running  (in current state for 00:00:00)
Configured Resources: PROCS: 8  MEM: 15G  SWAP: 29G  DISK: 103G
Utilized   Resources: DISK: 25G
Dedicated  Resources: PROCS: 3

> Now all my users need to do is specify this in their batch scripts
> to request the amount of scratch space they need:
> #PBS -l file=500gb

But what are they saying with this line? That they need a node with at
least 500gb of free space for their jobs? or their job will use
500gb at max, so toque is setting ulimit?
Cause it's clear for me too, but your same (or very similar) env did not
work here...

The other point is that I cannot force my users to specify that, they
are grid users, so I have to set the resource at queueu level. But it
should be the same. 
> I'm not sure if this solves your situation as your talking
> about /home space as opposed to some other partition (/scratch in my
> example). But I just wanted to point out that this set up has been
> working for me. Hope this helps,

Yep, Tom Rudwick told me same as you in maui list.

> -Steve
Thanks for your reply,

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