[torqueusers] Processing of -o and -k flags changed in v 2.3.3?

Al Taufer ataufer at clusterresources.com
Mon Sep 22 16:24:03 MDT 2008

Recent changes have been made to Torque to allow for either behavior.  A 
configure option --disable-qsub-keep-override has been added and is 
available in the torque-2.3.4-snap.200809221601.tar.gz snapshot and will 
be in future snapshots of the 2.4 line.  Default behavior is now the 
same as before.  Using the configure option will give the user the 
flexibility to use -o -e to specify where the files should go. 


Tina Declerck wrote:
> I just upgraded torque from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0.  After this change a users 
> submission script broke.  The
> script looked like:
> #PBS -l nodes=16:ppn=2,walltime=00:30:00
> #PBS -j oe
> #PBS -k oe
> #PBS -o job_src2.log
> ...
> Prior to the upgrade the output file was written to the users home 
> directory in a filename called
> SECONDITER.o123456
> After the upgrade it tried to save teh output/error file in the 
> directory the job was submitted from and
> assumed the job_src2.log was the directory in which to save the file.
> I believe the correct handling was the previous version.  Has anyone 
> else seen this?  How should
> these 2 options be handled?
> Thank you,
> Tina Declerck
> tinad at nersc.gov
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